Do You  WOW Your Prospects and Customers?

Let us make it EASY for you!

“Jon is a brilliant builder of customized and even customized-to-individuals prospect/customer shock’n awe, welcome, and appreciation gift packages
(I’ll be showing one off at INFO-Summit 2017)”

~ Dan Kennedy

Do Your Clients
Relate To This Story?

I had finally found the solution! This new program was going to transform my life! I couldn’t wait to get started…

I was expecting a digital course and anxiously awaited my login information so I could work diligently on my business and experience the growth the speaker had promised.

A week later something incredible happened. I received a Big Box in the mail! Real mail. I was excited. I felt like a child on Christmas morning.

On top of all that excitement, the box actually had my name printed on it. I thought for a moment it might be a mistake. What had I done recently that deserved such recognition?

It didn't last long as I unpacked the box with eager anticipation.

The Solution I purchased, had sent a surprise. A customized box designed just for me! If I ever had a moment of buyers remorse, it quickly evaporated and I was elated at my decision. This was the icing on the cake. I was ready to make a transformation

If your customers and clients don't have this same experience...You are missing out. The art of surprise and shock is a lost one. We just don't get recognized for making purchases anymore.

We can't even get people to say THANK YOU.

You need to be different. You need to increase the Lifetime Value of your clients and customers and you need to ensure a longer retention.

Shock and Awe custom boxes - designed in as little quantity as one at a time - deliver the powerful impact you need to be even more successful.

So what can we do to WOW your new clients and customers? Let's schedule a call and design your custom Shock and Awe Box today!

"The Shock and Awe Boxes we get from Jon Toy get more compliments from our clients than anything we have ever sent them in 17 years of doing business. I recommend him to all our hundreds of Powerful Professional members"

 ~ Kim Walsh-Phillips

How It Works

Step 1 - Let's Discuss!

Schedule a free call to discuss what you want to accomplish, what your high value clients are worth, and what you are currently doing to keep them glued to you!

Step 2 - Let's Design!

We need to design the right box just for your clients. What do you want them to consume? What simple little gifts might go a long way to them? How do you want them to remember you daily?

This powerful WOW box gets delivered, and then gets consumed. The right items in the box create a stickiness like no other content or information ever can.

Step 3 - Let's Deliver!

With our proven system, you can send a single box out for the same fair price as others charge for a much larger quantity.'s all customized specifically for YOUR client.

How often do people get custom items unique to them delivered right to their desk? You want WOW, you want shock and awe!

Step 4 - Let's Delegate!

The last thing you want to do is have to remember if you sent out the boxes for new clients. We work with you to delegate this to an automated process making it easy to ensure every new client is WOW'd every time!

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your no obligation call today to find out how you can WOW and discover the next steps to creating clients that last!

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